Goodbye "Cherry Cola Pink" , Hello Shanty Girl Studio!


Things never go quite as planned, sometime they turn out better.  Yesterday I was going to clear out and prep "Cherry Cola Pink room"  new aka "Shanty Girl Studio" but life just happened and I did not get it done, this morning I woke up late and met a sweet friend at my coffee hangout....and ran home to get room cleared out before lil sister arrives, I am pulling things out and taping off like a mad dog, filling holes trying to look as if I had it under control.......Sis calls she is running late, I am relieved, maybe she won't realize I just started??? Sis shows up and we dig in around 10:00 this morning (All pics curtousy of my sister Wendy aka Digitally Dunn in the DFW area)

Wendy agreed that "Cherry Cola Pink" glowed from the outside!

I think the neghbors will be happy with my new color choice

Me and the beginning of my dream, my own in home Sewing/creating studio
"Shanty Girl Studio"

Nail Holes

Now there is just no excuse for that many nailholes......................

Taping off and filling nail holes

We were surprised and pleased that one coat of Valspar Winter Oak covered
Cherry Cola pink beautifully no primer no second coat
saved hours!

By 1:00 even after we stopped to eat the lunch mom picked up
Cherry  Cola Pink was no more!!

Tomorrow I will conquer Whisper pink ceiling and closet with "Sugar Cane"

We  were so excited to bring the girls in we did not wait to clean up

I think the girls really like the new room

My Mannequin got a little upset when Wendy disarmed her of her Shanty Chanel Bag....................

But they made up when I promised my mannequin I would make her another

I will quote this from my sisters facebook post on this photo album she uploaded for me to use

"A Stitch in the seam of creating the monumental "Shanty Girl Studio"

This is the beginning of  a new leaf for me and I want to thank Wendy for helping me
 and photographing a  very important special day "The day Cherry Cola Pink" went down

I will be decorating the studio and sis will come back and take pics in the next few weeks
Don't miss
Next Week I will do a tutorial on a bag made out of painters tarp with muslin fringe! Reduce/Reuse/Recyle
The finished bag will be "Given Away" so don't miss it!



  1. Well All I can say Is I wish I could have been there to bid farewell to that Cherry Cola Pink.. I think the grey will be a much better fit for Vintage Shanty Girl Projects.. (don't want to throw up either).. LOL Bye Bye PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE your new color! I want that cute wire mannequin of yours! :) Thanks for the blog comment, too. I'm redoing my sewing room, so can't wait to see what you do!

  3. both Wire mannequin's came from........ secret.....Hobby Lobby........the other girl is a very old antique find.

  4. I know you have to be really excited! Can't wait to see more photos as you decorate.

  5. Looks like you gals had a lot of fun! New walls look great....did you get back to the celling? Best laid plans...etc.

  6. Yes We did get the ceilings and closet no trace of pink left.........Winter Oak and sugar cane all the way!


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