Ole Rusty Document box with emphera from 1903-1962 and a daydream I had when finding it.

I had a request from a perspective Etsy client to show more pictures of my document box and documents so this morning while taking pictures I thought instead of just emailing these why not post so all readers can see as it really is a neat little find that you don't see every day.  This box is a Houston Family's papers, house payments, payments to the lumber yard that built the house, appliance payments, state and school tax, letters of recommendation from 1903, deed of trust to the home.  The tax receipts were embossed all the others are handwritten.........Here are the pictures I just wanted to share since I was taking them anyway.

When I was driving home with hubby I was in a daydream..........I said what if this house was never claimed and we drove to Houston and had the deed and we just had to pay back taxes and it was either a waterfront property or a large Houston white farmhouse with a beautiful front porch that was in need of repair..............I could write a story about finding the box and recieving a ran down house to renovate.........the possibilities are endless, there could be antiques in the attic that help you to discover the family that lived there, or solve a mystery or tell the story of  a romance....... only I don't write................I just talk to much.....(all those years of waitressing and hairdressing)

Here are the pictures requested Hope this helps!.

Awesome rusty document box with Houston Texas family Documents
1903 Letter of Recommendation from the Houston Railroad company, very fragile is 108 years old
and taped together at the seams, This would be the beginning of this mans career
Then he marries, settles down, buys a house and...............

Over 120 pieces of paper ranging from 1903 with the majority in the 20's and alot of
state tax reciepts in the 20's-60's embossed with Texas state seal

Pays taxes to state, city, and school district

Ms. Ferguson paid her taxes!  At least till 1962
There is even a 1952 Letter from bank giving Ms. Ferguson credit for a Maytag Washer
and lets her know when she can begin her payments
Tax receipts with hand stamped seal,
approx 120 pieces of old documents
Rusty box will not close all the way but will look awesome for display
Now I find a lil glamour in this rusty box!
The deed that caused the daydream. Hey if I have any Houston Readers do you think you could stop by
take a picture and tell me what this house looks like?  Better yet is it vacant....................daydreaming...

This address is 510 Enid St. Houston Texas, The deed states second lot block twenty of the Brookesmith Edition Houston  Texas. Lot was bought March 12, 1929 for  600.00

Picture to show fragility of the deed of trust opened up
approx 50 of these very elonquently handwritten receipts from the 20's from the lumber company, these are in good condition

So Hope you enjoyed the pictures, And my little daydream!  Soon I will show pictures of an early singer 1905 book found in a sewing machine that tells one how to put ruffles on her pantaloons! Very fragile and needs scanned but is just full of vintage pictures..........

Balance Your Glamour with Rust!!!!


  1. I couldn't tell from the picture's what the address is I tried to zoom in but just couldn't get it. Did I miss you telling it? Let me know and I will see what I can do with family there. I would love to know what it looks like now too!!! You may even be able to look it up on Google Earth

  2. No address it says lot number two in the 20th block of the Brooke Smith Addition to the city of houston, lot was bought for 600.00 March 1929 I am updating to add a further picture of the deed that shows the fragility and torn areas of the deed.

  3. Duh..............I looked at all the tax records and updated the post with the address. Sorry.....It was not on the deed as the house was not built yet...........

  4. One more thing the receipts for the lumber yard are 1921+ and the deed for land is not until 1929

  5. Cool stuff! I wanted to get back with you about a couple of books on porches that I have-some inside, some outside pics-you probably could get them from your library. I will try and look for some other ideas in books I have and scan them to you or something-1st book-For Your Home-Porches and Sunrooms by Jessica Elin Hirschman 2nd book-Pleasures of the Porch by Darla Price Bowman and Maureen Lamarca-hope they help!

  6. I am from Houston and looked up 510 Enid on Google Maps - you can see pictures of the lot and house. It is in an area called the Heights. The Heights is close to downtown Houston and is full of some of the cutest little cottages. I watch the ads constantly to see if I might be able to buy one that they want to move out so they can build new. The area is a mixture of single-family, multi-family and commercial properties. There are some antique shops. I love driving around the area and dream of having one of their little homes moved to my backyard. Maybe someday. Anyway, I'll keep the address and next time I am down in that area I will check it out for you. Gia2366@gmail.com


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