1800's French Dresser

My husband keeps bringing home things for me to work on and sell and I can't tell you how hard it is to put some of these in my booth, I am still mourning over several things I did and sold last month and now this 1800's French Provencial dresser is sitting in my kitchen on the tarp.  I stayed up working on her admiring how her wood was so old that the back of the dresser had turned black, her drawers were in perfect working order, she has all original beautiful hardware and has all four of her casters wheels, and as I put my french canvas paint on her and distressed her I well, I am searching for other pieces to get rid of to fit her in my life, ...........she will be a one of a kind but there are a couple other one of a kinds that I have kept recently........I have two dressers in living room, daughters room is full..........does the sunroom need a dresser to house blankets etc.........................................hmmm

Here she is without her wax and hardware back on I will take another picture of her either in a booth or in a place in my home........gosh what to do

the dilemnas of being a junker........


  1. She is gorgeous. No wonder you're having a hard time parting with her. I can't wait to see her sporting hardward. I've just found your blog and have enjoyed browsing through your pages. Im new to blogland......only 2 weeks into it. Soooo, COME SEE ME.

  2. I know what you mean-it sometimes so hard after you get rid of something and wish it was back. I'm finally selling a lot of items out of my barn-the ones I don't really care about first and now I'm getting to some things that are more unique. I'm trying to concentrate on what I really love and let the rest go!!

  3. Keep it. Later on, you can sell it if you fall "out of love", but you cannot get her back if you sell her. Your love of the past is what got you into the business, and she is a lovely antique. You will find a place, especially if you move in the future, and another piece to sell. She is a beauty!

  4. Lots of character in the older pieces. Maybe you need two houses!

  5. I feel your pain! This piece is a beauty!


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