Marilyn Monroe

Why do I feel compelled to buy and read anything that has to do with Marilyn Monroe??? She was gone before I was born but I remember as a little girl reading one of my Mother's magazine's it was probably the ten year anniversary of her death and I remember her face always looking so sad, so beautiful, so glamorous but yet so sad. The Misfits has been shown alot lately on cable and I catch it everytime, not because of her excellent acting skills  but because of her vunerability that is displayed in this show, I believe that movie probably depicted her real persona the best. So today at the grocery...............I just had to pick up the Vanity  Fair magazine...guilty, guilty, guilty.  I have a few aprons and bags to sew and a garage sale to set up for the weekend and finish painting furniture but still I had to know just what were in those diaries of the beautiful sad woman who had it all in the public eye but who lived such tragic life....... I will read after I work........... Does anyone else feel compelled to buy magazines just because of a movie star on the front? Please tell me I am not the only one...............


  1. No you are not alone. Being just that little bit older I can remember her death. I always thought it very sad but beautiful at the same time that she was buried wearing an emerald green silk dress.It just seemed to sum her up in one go. Still good to watch her movies,especially Some Like it Hot (1959) with Jack lemmon.


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