Parisian Flat Undiscovered For 70 Years Breathtaking picture!!

Breath Taking find, read article

Items in corner of flat

Here is an article that just blows my mind, I so wish I could walk through this flat Enjoy

So after seeing this picture that I just came across this morning, Mind you I have no priceless antiques in the sewing room but am filled with things I am inspired by, and it is not totally done but I think I got the color scheme and the feel right.  I love how there is a mixture of white's yellowed beiges and woods (I have left one real tiger oak wood item in my room)

Parisian Flat

Shanty Girl Studio and Mercantile

It needs a guilded mirror in the corner hugh??
Part of  my world, still incomplete
Reveal next week.  Lil Sis (Wendy) and I will go to lunch
and she will shoot pics of my then to be completed
"Shanty Girl  Studio and Mercantile"
I will be announcing my giveaway winner in a few hours the link will be on my sidebar!+

Update......................................Found this mirror for that bare corner!!
Still working on studio!


  1. oh my..I love I have to go online and learn more!!

  2. That's incredible!! There was a little apartment in Waurika that was left untouched since the 1960's. It wasn't filled with expensive antiques but very interesting. It was exactly how the lady left it. Her shoes were in front of the couch. The living room was so cool. The furniture and old t.v. still there. Her make-up and hairbrush was still sitting on the vanity in her bedroom. She had black/white framed pictures of her family. The apartment was filled with awesome art and figurines. My Mom showed it to me when I was 12 years old. I'm not sure what her story was. It was an apartment above Wayne's parents furniture store in the downtown area. I can't imagine how awesome it would be to walk through the Parisian flat!!

  3. Wow Mrs. RCB :) That would be so cool, when I was little me and my mother would go through very old abandoned homes, and get a sack lunch and sit in the yard and daydream about who owned them ,(we never got arrested), they had been deserted for years falling down there was a particular one in Texas that had a windmill in the front at the time we did not own a home we rented and mom sat out in the yard and said if someone would just give me one of these I promise I would restore it and love it, those were some good memories!! I bet you really enjoyed sharing the moment discovering the flat above the store in waurika with your mother!!


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