My Studio, a work in progress

Shanty Girl Studio

A work in progress!!!  First we had a pink room, then me and lil sis Wendy painted
Winter Oak Grey with Sugarcane ceilings. 
 (those post are in the archives, Cherry Cola posts!)

Now I am in the process of redoing furniture to fit the room

First I will start with showing you progress of my sewing table...............
I blogged about a table I had on lawaway......I had ran back to make payment and it had been bought outright before I got a contract/ fault should have bought right away. Cost was $165.00, non working machine just to be used as a table/decor, I was sad.......

The one that got away..........

So I went to a garage sale last friday bought a couple of doilies and when I went to pay I saw two old machines covered and inquired about them, Mrs. Eva Kelley came  out and shared with me the history, this older table was a wedding gift for her husbands mother in Alabama they married in the very early twenties, this is a piedmont (made by singer for WoolWorths), she said "I have her wedding trunk too.....two ladies carried it out and before it got to me to look at one of the ladies helping to carry it out paid 100.00 cash for it, I did not get a picture but this trunk was a beauty and had pictures of magazine adds that were pasted inside the 1910's...............oh well, don't know where I would have put it but it sure was fun to see, can you imagine a young lady dreaming of wedding day and pasting pictures of clothing she would like to have from was thrilling to get to see!

These ladies were so sweet, and Eva's daughter in law  Cindy Kelley sent me this info via email
The only thing I have for you right now is my father in law (Charles Kelley Sr born 3/1928) mom's name (who the sewing machine and trunk belong to) was Julia Ann Thames (maiden name) and she married JC Kelley in the 1920's, they were married in Alabama
(Geneva possibly) and lived in  AL where they raised their children and is where they lived until their deaths, both are buried in: 
J C Kelley
April 12, 1896 -Jan 16, 1970
husband of Julia Kelley
Julia Ann Kelley
Dec 24, 1894-Sept 29, 1982
wife of J.C. Kelley
Ok, so how sweet is that to get a bargain, and have them send you the history!  I will always sit at my machine table thinking about Julia and her excitement of this as wedding gift in the years of the prohibition, flappers, gangsters. I will call the table "Julia" After miss Julia Thames Kelley.......I am like that I name things and talk to them too, I love furniture with a history, you cannot buy that at pottery barn!!  Mind you these two items were not even put out for the garage sale..........I just asked........I am so thrilled!

So for 60.00 I brought home
Lovely old sewing maching.  I know it looks rough after almost 100 years heck I will too(lord willing), but I have a beautiful vision! "Julia" will be used Pretty much daily for as long as god lets me sit there!
There was only one original knob and the drawers on the left side are not attached but alot of the pieces are there and hubby is going to help me put those back on, Thank goodness I have a sweetie that loves old things!  He could not believe I did not get the trunk..........his eyes lit up when I told him about it. So great to have my sweetie!!! I will look for 4  nobs that will either be vintage or have a vintage look.
Side missing Drawers, I have the drawers!

"Julia" the machine will stay down most of the time and I will sit mine on top, I will make a burlap and lace cover for my modern janome to not clash with "Julia", but she sure is beautiful, I love the treadle!

Wonder what wonderful things have been made from this machine??

There were many treasures in the drawers, buttons, needles in wood case, all the original tools, metal spools

The original book for machine was rolled up and is very fragile,I will be scanning the pages and sharing as
there are things like.............How one can add dainty lace to her pinafore with pics!!!!I just want to preserve it as it is deteriorating.

Here is today's progress on "Julia"  Keep in mind this is "in Progress"

I don't like painting wood if it is restorable, I love the beauty of natural wood  but I am electic and this table had some veneers that are chipping and would no way stand the restoration process, that is how I started shabby chic'ing in the first place
I got Rachel Ashwells first book years ago and when I had an item for my antique booth "Whispering Walls" and it was not restorable then it got painted!  It can be very beautiful and stay out of the landfill!
"Julia" will mean more to me than "the one that got away" as Julia was less expensive, I got to get cool knobs and I painted her myself and know her history!!

Here is the other sewing table they threw in with "Julia", this table I do not have info on and am guessing is mid century, it has a singer that  STILL WORKS, and will make a wonderful table and starter machine for my lil girl!! This too will be Chic'ed as it is veneers and has a plastic front, but it will be too cute for Abby!

This Armoire/dresser was Cassie's (daughter who is now 28), then it got painted and was Abby's, I painted it to match her purple and yellow old time vanity and  fushia pink dresser, she has a spindle bed too!
Now with the toys in her room something had to go.......and it fit's this niche perfectly and will hold all my postal/weighing shipping supplies, she too will be so shabby cream/white

I bought this end table for 3.00 at a yard sale 10 years ago and it has been in shed....didn't know what to
do with it but how cool is this!  So it is now going next to "Julia" so I can sit my coffee/projects/ipod on
I love the lines and the handles,,,,,,,,,3.00 come on! Shanty Girl in me could not pass even though
I had nowhere to put it!

I just love the faux marble top! And Georgeous handles! Good for drinks wipes off easily!

Here are my Shanty curtains I bought from Shabby Y

Here are my teastained gauze curtains I love the antique goodies
hanging uptop! I will get better pictures when I reveal the whole room!

This table is still for sale down the road......I would love to fit it in the room for
cutting table, still not sure if it will make the "cut"

I did purchase this piece and this is where all my finished aprons will reside!  Plus abby
can chalk on the board!

This will be the wall above "Julia" these are antique sewing drawers that were not as lucky as "Julia"
The table/machines must have been disassembled.

Did I mention the paint I am using for all furniture was left over from ceiling "sugarcane"
I will be using painters cloth and burlap for part of the seating and machine covers..........

Hope you come back and see my reveal, Reuse, Reduce, Recyle Sewing Studio on a budget
Shanty Girl!

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  1. You've definitely found some tables and machines with a story and a rich history. Your studio is coming along so nicely. I really like the pieces you have picked.

    Love the old sewing machine drawers on the wall!


  2. Love all of your great finds and the history behind them!! I feel the same way about furniture with a history. It just draws you in & has character you can't find today. Thank you for your kind blog comments about my dresser!!! :)


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