Help I need some more Fru Fru

Today I am linking up to "Show off your cottage Monday" over at Cielo's  The House in the roses, I wanted to share a room I am now wanting to change a little My Bedroom
History... We lived in a very cute gingerbread style 2 story that I had completely decorated in victorian and roses.  I had a shabby chic booth and we had alot of antiques, pink satin curtains with roses, ruffles and gold.  Then we moved to a 1979 Ranch house and I changed it up a bit. We put in wood flooring, textured all walls, knocked out bathrooms, painted inside and out, put in granite counters and silestone in bathrooms and decorated more with a Texas Ranch/mediteranean style.

Dilemna, it has been 5 years and I need a little more fru fru and  a little color toning down..................after decorating my sewing studio  I am now looking at everyroom and wanting to add a little more of me to it.  My husband was very pleased with the Rugged dark style but I am getting tired of it.

So I need to try to come up with colors using our current furniture as it is all fairly new, add a few vintage pieces and maybe use some slipcovers, Muslin curtains, burlap table runners,  etc. I am really enjoying viewing all the blogs with the Farmhouse Romance style with a touch of french and I think that would suit me and my Husband and go well for a Ranch house in Texas. I am open to all suggestions!! I am going to start with my room as I love the neutral brown coffee color but need to add some white or cream bedding instead of what I had, something with alot of ruffles, feed sack pillow etc. I need to add curtains to the natural shades

This is at the end of the hall that rooms and bathrooms reside
Slice yelllow leads up to the end of hall
Should this red go away???????What do you say????????

I did add a vintage scale and antique frame that I purchased on Etsy this week, I used one of my
old Ball jars and put roses from my garden in it, and broke out the doilies. The furniture set really
is pretty just all is dark. It has hammered metal scrollwork on front and tops are natural Slate Stone, I simply cannot shabby it, this room will have to be changed by smaller touches.

I need to keep the furniture and custom natural blinds so I think this room is all about adding
the right linenes and some curtains and I think I can lighten it up!

Antique frame I purchased from abushelandapeck on etsy last week

We have alot of leather in our house and the black and whites are horse prints those will stay
I just need to encorporate some touches to "feminize this room"

I broke out a glass jar, doily and some  more of my roses and the small touches
have me wanting more..........

What do you think? Can I achieve the farmhouse romance style without painting this furniture white and adding the right linens, can I have  achieve the feel of "leather and Lace" making My husband and I both happy??   If you have any suggestions, links to pictures, makers of cool  Muslin or french style bedding etc. Please share!! (still spending that Yard sale moolah!)

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  1. I really love the garden mirror on the red wall. Will you share where you found it?

    You could always add some floral fabric in sofa pillows to soften the black leather. Don't use cotton but a heavier weight fabric. It's an inexpensive change.

  2. I love the idea of using burlap to match the existing theme. A fluffy white down comforter with big fluffy pillows. Then us the burlap touches in pillows. I also see white shabby shutters in this room. I think it would do what you want in lighting it up. They could hang on the wall or sit on the floor if tall enough. I really think that just adding some great accent pieces as you have started to do will have the effect you want.

  3. Hi Connie, The Garden Mirror was purchased at a store at a going out of business sale so they are no longer available. Sorry. I have seen lighter smaller similiar ones at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for your ideas, I think I will sew up some pillows for the brown leather in the living room!!

    Ruby, I did get a white fluffy comforter and put my french fatique pillow I am still searching for some muslin euro shams for a different texture I may just sew some up today. Thanks for the ideas!! I do like white chippy shutters and will keep my eye out for some if not in the bedroom, they would go wonderful in the dark rust Mediteranean sunroom that is going to get "Shabby"


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