Your help Please!!, which apron should I send to NYC Launch party for the new book "Where Women Cook"????

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I follow a blog called thefancyfarmgirl  and Tiffany announced a giveaway in celebration of the upcoming December NYC Launch party for the new book "Where Women Cook" of course since I aprons and sending an apron to be displayed at NYC December launch party is the entry to the giveaway to get these signed books "Where Women Cook" and "Inspirations" and a years worth of free magazines subscriptions to "Where Women Create" and "Where Women Cook"a couple of subscriptions I would die for..........well I am in! How could I refuse an apron challenge?? Even if I don't win a thing it will be fun to know that my apron was displayed at such an awesome event and made it from Texas to UTAH to NYC!  However I need your help.

The aprons will not be returned so of course I am not sending gifts or must be a half apron so no French Masquerade or Farmhouse Romance........

Which one would you send if you were me, Please help me I fretted all night and cannot decide?????  (I also encourage any of you to join the party and send in an apron as well, info is on the thefancyfarmgirl blog)

My current half aprons that are my original designs and  available to send are:

Half French Masquerade 

 La Reine Boulangere (queen baker)

Southern Belle

Wild Heart

Or would you complete the one below that is double sided and name it NYC??
will just take about half an hour to complete??

Front of the apron is on gold scroll fabric, it is a vintage buffet scarf with embroidered serving tray with
crystal glasses, it is trimmed with a gold fringe

I made it double sided so you can use the plainer side for cooking and the intricate embroidered side for serving...... I put a little rosette made out of the gold fringe on a removable pin and will used textured black and white polkadots for waist and ties and to bind the apron with a simple bind. I don't feel it needs any more frill just a simple binding.

The last three aprons are one of a kind as there will never be the exact vintage embroidery crochet work, the first two are my designs that I can create again.........but not sure, I am just not sure

Thanks in advance for those that leave a comment!! I must get it in the mail soon and to them by December 1st to be a part of this event!



  1. Very tough decision. My final 2 choices are Southern Belle or your new NYC apron. But I like all the others too. I guess it comes down to time. Southern Belle is ready and NYC needs finishing.

  2. The French Masquerade is the one! judy

  3. My favorite is the Southern Belle but for the show I think I would have to say French Masquerade. ~Alana~

  4. Now you need to get sewing and finish the last one off. It has to be the glasses for a celebratrion.

  5. Wow, that is hard!! Being a big Jennifer P fan, I would choose the Half French Masquerade! They are all gorgeous. Be proud of what ever you send!

  6. Thanks for visiting and the nice comments. I would go with Half French Masquerade!

  7. I read her post too and thought what a fun idea-and you of course make beautiful ones-so it's perfect. I think the french one is the most unusual!!!!


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