A baby Changes Everything! Tissue Box Please.........

How badly I wanted to link to all my regular decor links today and later this week I will be showing my decor in my kitchen and living room, outside and tree. I have several Christmas quilts I have made etc.  But for me........

I wanted to get personal and share a song that brings me to tears, the first time I heard this song I pulled over in my car and cried on the side of the road..........I am listening to the song as I write and I am crying. I will always tell my friends and my family what Christmas means to me. I will always think of a young Mary and what it must have been like to be in her postion. I will always Celebrate Christmas as the Birth of  Christ.  And I will always be amazed at the Love that he has shown me and how the little baby born that night Changed me and made me whole. So please listen to the words the song will play again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, I hope it fills you wtih love and joy!

Here is a picture of the piece that I bring out every year that truly makes me slow down from the hustle and bustle and worry of the Shopping, who to get what for, all the money spent etc. This moment when I unwrap my nativity that was given to me by my mother years ago and place it on the mantle the whole meaning of Christmas shows itself before my eyes.  I get shivers and my heart fills and the Spirit of Christmas comes over my house.

The Reason for the Season

Thanks for listening to my song (Faith Hill Christmas Album) and viewing my Nativity.

On the lighter side....I will be showing the rest of our decor over the next few days.  And Explaining my obsession with Rudolph...

Also...............(a couple of last years pictures before I blogged) who do you think stole one of  the gingerbread cookies??????????????

I was having a true Martha Stewart Moment,,,,,,,,,,walked away and all of a sudden.......there was a Gingerbread man half ate in the floor.................
Do you think it was the Cat???

Our Gingerbread House Abby Decorated......with a little help but not much.....

God Bless you and I Hope you have the most Peaceful  and Joyful Christmas!


  1. Sweet nativity! We put ours out first thing! I'm sure hoping my Martha starts to come out. I haven't done any Christmas baking, yet. YOur gingerbread men are adorable!

    Look forward to your Christmas decorations.


  2. I agree-we really need to focus on the real meaning of Christmas-it seems to get lost in the craziness of it all-great Nativity!


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