New Piece of Furniture and "Playing with American Girl Doll"

Today I am playing with dolls!!   Hint..........if you sew you  can dress up dolls and play with dolls without anyone thinking you are are going nuts...........although I don't think there is a  girl who is ever too old for  dolls............

I just love when I get a custom order in my Etsy shop........, I have received a few orders recently for my market bags in colorways I would have not thought of, I like that my clients get excited about picking their own fabrics and have a truly unique item that they helped create! This week I got an order for a matching Girls dress and a dress for her doll in a Zebra and Hot Pink, what fun! I know there are alot of people on Etsy  making pillowcase dresses, however,  per request of my daughter mine have pockets and cloth ties instead of ribbon, making them a little different than the rest. I do have a few of my own doll dress designs that I will add to my shop for spring! I can make little dolly purses and little girls purses to match.......

New Piece of furniture sneaked it's way in my sewing studio, I will blog about the story behind it on Friday with more pics of how it looks in studio.  See my sidebar for the rest of the studio!
What a cool place to display my fabrics and photograph my work!

Lanie just loves modeling Clothes!

I had a blast this morning dressing Lanie and my little girl mannequin for their photo shoot, I  am sending a picture to my very sweet client and the dresses will be mailed in the morning. I think I am having too much fun!

 I wanted to thank my clients, and blog winners  for a Happy beginning of my little Shanty Girl Etsy shop and announce that if anyone  wants to order anything before Christmas  this Wednesday is my cutoff date in order to get them in the mail by Christmas time. 

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Wednesday I will be posting my holiday decor, Hope you come back to see me!

Have a wonderful Day!


  1. Every girls dream to have a custom outfit to make her doll special! I tell my best friend that when I get old -I'm playing with Barbies again-they can think I'm crazy-but I don't care!

  2. Wish I could sew like you, Sherry! Drooling over that hutch. Beautiful way to showcase your fabrics. I'll have to take a look at your bags.

    Hope you have a nice night!

  3. I wish I had known to look for your aprons at the launch party! I did take some photos of them, but I didn't post any. Let me check back on your blog and see what they looked like - if I can see them in my photos, I'll let you know! They were all hanging on lines that had been strung around the room.


  4. I love these. I've never heard of pillow case dresses. Are they really made from pillow cases?
    So much talent. I'm quilting a Christmas stocking at the moment because I'll have a grandbaby by next Christmas and want to be ready for her. Yea!!!!


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