My Name is Sherry Hicks and I am a picker..............

Any American Picker fans out there?  My husband and I watch every episode and we daydream about traveling around going junkin to fill a store or supply dealers.....

Well just the other day I ran into an old friend of mine that was in the same Antique Mall I was.  10 years ago I had a Shabby Chic booth in our town "Whispering Walls", I loved it and did well but had 4 children still at home then and went back to work full time and had a hard time keeping up as I painted alot of furniture.

My friend came by my house and got a Antique dresser off of me that my grown children left when moving and I had no room for it. She painted it the most beautiful French Gray and sold it right away to a dealer in Mckinney who can get much more for it and will then sell it for double probably...and so on and so on. she asked me if I knew of any other items as she needed more furniture.  So.........

This was sent from her phone when she finished dreser sorry it is sideways.

Since I love to shop, go junkin garage sailing, antique hunting...........on my way to target.......look what I found

Two reproduction French Provincial dressers......They were marked 30.00 a piece or make offer and I left there with them loaded in my vehicle for 45.00, my friend was thrilled she will make them beautiful and has alot of room for a nice profit, hardware was I am Sherry Hicks and I am a picker.......Hicks Picks,  hahaha  Shanty Girl Sherry Pickin again

So getting carried away with my success and looking for sunroom pieces I went to a local resale shop and look what they had.  I have not purchased this yet as I am undecided but when I look at this tufted halfround low profile couch with two matching overstuffed clubchairs 48.00 each...lot's of pillows to cover with muslin, linen or burlap and throw around (neglected to take pictures of the chairs) couch and chairs have no stains or trears at all, just it is a yellow/ivory and I prefere white or dropcloth color.....

So when I see this my eyes vision the pictures below but on a budget (that's why I call me Shantygirl.), I know this baby can be a breathtaker and be very comfortable to boot!

I see a larger version of this (1929.00 ) Piece this is a double chair, the resale piece was three+ times this size)You could have the top reapolstered and slipcover the rest as in the picture

Or It could be made to look like this (6195.00) Restoration Hardware Sofa

Or for more modern lines(4400.00) forget any reupholstery and sew a slipcover the whole thing and add lots of pillows, slipcovers can be made out of drop clothes, natural or bleached........


Scatter with awesome pillows of all different neutral textures...... add a sisal rug like Terry suggested to my earlier post, get a low profile coffee table.....I think this piece would be very comfortable. Nice place to read books have a glass of wine, morning coffee watching snow or rain....

And this look would go good for a slipcover for the two matching chairs........

could this help me get closer to the Shabby Chic/Paris Sunroom that I am trying for as in my photo below?
My  Paris sunroom Inspiration, I love the breezy feel this picture gives me and  I have the floors already and the ceiling slants like this and faces the outdoors

Could I sit on this sofa and gaze out my sunroom windows at our yard? Will I finally have a piece that is comforatble and not hard to sit wicker has been here, willow furniture have come and gone, a table or two just never got used in this space........ Will it help with the Parisian Sunroom Look Or will it overpower my space??
(oh we have a small 3 bedroom so our travel trailer is our "Guest Cottage") Hey lot's of privacy for our guest.

But if it does not work for me I also think there would be alot of room for profit..............145.00 sofa  48.00 a piece for matching chairs Slipcovers or upholstery depends if you do it yourself or hire it done still.......
comparable furniture pictured  double Chairs 1963.00 each, the pictured full couch is 4500.00.........I'm just sayin................

Here is a Victorian piece that is in a local shop and looks interesting, picture it painted white and sits low to the ground as well and is probably late 1800-early 1900

which couch is your favorite, half round or the victorian ?

So my hubby says Sherry why don't you go back into the business and open a booth? .  But for now I am loving designing my own bags and aprons and painting things for me to decorate my home and don't want to pay rent and work days for now

My name is Sherry Hicks (ShantyGirl) and I travel the DFW area and beyond  and I am an american  picker............

My Mom and my Aunt Rita say it runs in our family.........Generations.......of pickers.......Uncles, Grammas' Great Granny Lee......Sale Barns Bargains.....Sheds, Farmhouses.....

HMMMMMMMMMM it is so much fun!

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  1. I love that show Sherry! Jeff and I watch it too Wouldn't that be fun? I like the couch. I think it would make a nice addition to your sunroom. I like it as is but a slipcover would make it better! Swooning over the white loveseat $1929 Gorgeous! Will you make the slipcovers yourself?


  2. Michelle yes I think I would undertake the slipcover I think I am up for the challenge. I would have to study on how to retuft the top if I chose to keep that look or, the second option would be way easier but the first option prettier.

  3. We are huge American Pickers fans - we watch it every week. My husband would love nothing more than to join those two on their freestylin' expeditions.


  4. I am a picker too and I love to paint furniture...I am working on one NOW, and I don't seem to get attached to many of my pieces even though I love them. I do have a booth at an antique mall but it's not really a 'booth' its a four shelving unit, so no room for furniture. I find it's cheaper to pay the mall owner commission to sell my furniture than to pay higher rent for the furniture to sit for 6 months before it sells as I am paying this rent. Something to think about.

  5. ...the curved one....without the skirt......and slipcovered white!....
    My husband is a "picker"......I have the job of selling!..its the hard job!
    Can't wait to hear how your room works out!

  6. What a great deal you got on the French Provincial dressers! We love to watch American Pickers too, every time we watch it my husband compares me to the people that hoard all that stuff... I think sometimes he's right, I have collected a lot of things over the years... oh and I just love that couch, think it would be gorgeous slip covered, and would look great in your sunroom!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. What amazing finds! I wish I could find such great pieces where I live, but unfortunately they are few and far between! I love both!

  8. Sherry, you find the best stuff. I had a section in a craft mall for a while and it was fun, but I hated that rent payment each month, especially when things were slow.
    Love the room. Ann

  9. Love the dresser!!!
    How fun to have a booth I've always thought about it, big steps!
    Thank you for stopping by and checking in on us, you are so kind!

  10. Hello everyone!

    Does anyone have any knowledge or interest in Asian art, antiques and memorabelia?



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