Just my Size!!

When hubby and I found my new mannequin we were eyeing it and I said baby, look at the size is this the size I am when I am at goal? He turns the mannequin around and say's yeh baby that is how your bu-- has always looked....... (he means till recently, thyroid issues this year and well not as much activity has changed things quite a bit)  . We bought the mannequin and  when I return to my normal self again I can make sundresses, skirts etc. and fit them to this lovely vintage piece.

 I am really working hard to get  back to Sherry again, using my treadmill and  ballet barre incorporating my immense collection of home pilates and Bar Method video's.  When I feel strong enough I will go to The Barr Method in Dallas I just need a few month to be able to keep up with a very hard live class.  I love  Lotte Berk/Ballet Barr type workouts!!  So feminine yet so hard awesome graceful way to shape up and the lines of the muscles are not bulky when done properly, I have seen teenagers to 80+ able to do this type of workout. I use little pink weights........only 3 lbs........and you can become plenty strong with halter top arms and shoulders!

Workout Area in home office/sunroom
And as far as my hubby being able to eye my size I put my old clothes on this mannequin and perfect fit!
I guess hubby should know...........

Okay now I must make friends with my treadmill and my ballet bar  and those little pink weights
to combat bloggers bu--

Posting soon about the lovely antique barber chair I found for......next to nothing that I will restore and the lovely vintage salon chair finds for ten dollars a piece.... that  will be mixed with something shabby and french to give my sunroom/office/workout room the industrial chic/french train  station mix can it be done? .........I think so!  Think  train station with place to get hair cut and mail/office with office and barber antique touches,  then a frilly fluffy (easily washable)  waiting area and
one wall with antique mirrors ballet bar and treadmill, maybe pictures of french ballet in black and white.......It will work I have a vision.....and this time it is my own vision not from a magazine. I was simply inspired by picking up some items that spoke to me and trying to figure a way to make them work!

Thanks for reading have a wonderful day!!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to work out. I used to love ballet as a child. You are right it's very graceful.

  2. Oh how I wish I could sew.... Mine would stay dressed in a corner looking all dolled up in a cute outfit! maybe I would play dress up and change it from time to time.

    I understand the weight issues. I guess what women doesn't huh. I have awful health problems and have been at deaths door a few times. I was put on prednisone 60mg. for 9 months! I was bigger than all the Macy balloons. I could see my cheeks out my eye balls!! One thing I did find a little side note for ya, Chemo will fix Hashimoto’s disease a thyroid condition hahaha a little extreme. But mine came back : P

    OH me Oh my have a great day I think ballet sounds like a really fun way to exercise. Sounds a lot like Pilates!

  3. Hi Sherry, love the mannequin, I use mine all the time for taking pictures, and what's so nice their so pretty just to dress up and leave them out to display! Good luck on your workout, I need to be doing the same thing, just never seem to have the extra time! I'm going to have to make it a priority! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    hugs~~~ Daphne


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