Weighing in on White

I am still looking at sunroom inspirations and I have been trying to find the perfect mix of white..........something a little warm to go with natural terra cotta tiles (very old and rustic with chicken footprints etc.)

I went to Benjamin Moore and picked out three shades of white to sample 

When I realized I had picked two of the same color (Ballet White) it norrowed my choice down to two

Ballet White and Cloud white

Out of the two I weighed in with Cloud white however it is still not the perfect white

Should my perfect white have Grey tones or cream?

Here are inspiring shades of Creams and whites

Should my sunroom be shaded with creams or should it be a pure white??
(clothing found at Modcloth, the center picture of white blouse sundance Catalog)

Perhaps you are aware of the "Perfect Mix" you may have experiencing mixing two whites together?

image from Shabbychic.com
What Would Rachel Do????
to Help me get something like this

starting with this?

So Friends what whites do you love and what do you think I should sample next??

I am linking to
Boogie Board Cottage Masterpiece Monday (the Coastal beachgirls should know!)

Good Life Wednesday at a beach cottage Check out this awesome Australian blog lots and lots of inspiration!

 White Wednesday at Faded Charm in hopes of the white experts chiming in!!

Thanks for you comments on white I greatly appreciate your input!

and just a few more days for my CSN 35.00 Gift Certificat giveaway
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I appreciate your feedback!!


  1. Since you wrote two posts about this I suppose you really need an answer. It just so happens that Country Living has just done an issue on white and they interviewed Rachael! Yah, she is the one I would go to for advice on this too. So here you go. Warm white that never looks dingy: White Room by Glidden, Crisp Clean White: Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball, and Cool White with Bluish Undertones: Strong White by Farrow and Ball. Hope that helps. I thought the first one sounded like what you were looking for. The last one with a blue undertone would fit into the grayish white category and gray is a huge neutral right now and it would look good with a warm floor. It is all neutral. But, wheat and gray look good together.

  2. Great Post, I love anything white!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get to make it to one of the barn sales, please let me know if you do. Have a good one, Theresa

  3. Hello again!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I would love to follow you as well. :) Hope your search for the perfect white will end in glorious beauty! Looking forward to what you come up with!!!

  4. Sherry,
    With the color of your floor...I would go with a CREAMY WHITE...it should all come together and look outstanding.


  5. Hi Sherry!

    How are you sweet girl?! I'm thinking you should go with a white white or creamy white and shy from the grey tones. I've seen many fellow bloggers that use Cloud White and love it. Can't wait to see your sun room transform.

    Oh, and I won't be making another club chair slipcover for awhile. I shed a few tears at the end...lol!

    Have a great night! xo, Michelle

  6. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog which led me here - and I'm so pleased I came!

    I love the photos here. In fact, that middle one on your masthead (is that the right term?) would be so perfect for a future post I'd like to write, that I may get in touch and ask for your permission to link, and reproduce it - what do you think?

  7. I always get bogged down with picking out beige or white paints. There's a million directions to take it. My best solution is to buy a sample and paint a swatch on the wall to see how it looks different times during the day. Doing that has changed my mind many times and saved me from having to repaint. Sometimes I'm surprised at what looks best on the actual wall.
    Good luck!

  8. Lovely post.... My favorites white white or creamy white!!! Hope you find the color your looking for!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  9. Great post - I vote creamy white. Can't wait to see it finished!



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