The Memory Keeper

Recently after my mother passed I received many of her beautiful antiques and glassware that have been in the family for sometime.  I am working my way through this and thought it was time to share some of the things that I now have in my home.  At first it was hard to look at everything and I still cannot go through immediately family photo's but have been able to look at ancestry photo's and family tree information that my grandmother had put in a suitcase and it was in my mothers apartment I got chills upon opening the suitcase as my mother had never spoke about this, the key was inside is it possible she never tried to open it?   I wanted to share the Reds that my Great Granny, Gramma and mother loved so dearly.

Roses from my garden I liked to take to my mother
I plant red and pink roses and want to add white and yellow and purple this year, often since my mom lived a mile away I would make her little boquets as she loved her fresh roses!

Family Reds
Mom and Gramma Sharp collected Avon Cape Cod Victorian glassware, it came out in the early 70's and every christmas they would put their sets together to feed everyone on the pretty red. Later mom started adding other kitchen items, her pans, utensils just about all her kitchen things were red.  She came to a point the last couple years where she used her red daily she said I am going to use my good stuff everyday!

Mom and Gramma's Vintage Cape Cod Victorian Red Glassware
My husband asked is this old I said no from the early 70's he said baby that is  40 years old.....hard to deal with the fact that my childhood items are now antique.........ooops. I have enough to serve probably 12 or more on the pretty red plates, bowls, desert items and my sisters family and I can keep the holiday tradition of eating on this red as we have for at least 40 years.

Granny Lee's Yellow Vaseline Vase
This yellow vaseline vase was My Great Gramma Granny Lee whom I adored when little
it now houses my freshcut roses

Family Heirlooms
My mom had just bought me the vintage apron a few weeks before she passed and I absolutely adore it, but now it also goes with all the red. I miss momma daily and just need to work through it, I don't know that I will ever not miss or think of her daily we were so close and she was too young to go.

Great Gramma Iona's Victorian times Photo album
I am not sure my mother was aware she had this as it was in the locked suitcase.  This photo album is from 1900 and has my great grandmother  Iona Thomas (Sharp) pictures of her beau whom was in world war 1, there are notecards he wrote her addressing her as Kid telling her places he was going or had been.  This man James Abraham Sharp became my Great Grandfather Iona passed in her 40's and I had never seen pictures of her I now have many pictures of her and her parents and their parents..... Looks like red was popular in the Victorian Days!

1900's photo's
There are pictures in the suitcase as early as 1870 some are not dated and look older
One of my Great Great was an Indian in beautiful clothing I will share that another time when I find out her name.

Family Heirlooms

Many family photo's alot of them in front of Victorian Farms in Indiana, old camps etc. I will share more over the next few weeks

James Abraham Sharp
Great Grandfather James Abraham Sharp, His son Boyd Victor Sharp my Grandfather was in  World War 2 and there are pictures of him and my grandmother dating, sweet notes etc..

Looking for an Antique Trunk to be set under this mirror to house all antique photo's and ancestry information

Thanks for reading this post, I know some of my post during this time may be sad as this is what is going on in my life right now and I want to keep things real!  I have many antique quilts with initials now I can research as to whom quilted them. I feel so blessed to now be the "memory Keeper" and to have a family steeped in history these items have been in family for 100+ years and I want to build the importance in my children to keep this going after I am gone.  There are 8 large boxes of pictures that are not as old just from last 70 years........I need a large antique trunk to place all the memorys in and pass down further.


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  1. wow! I wish I had family heirlooms like you! I have some from my husbands side and I cherish them! thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I love when you stop by. :)

  2. Sherry
    what gifts you have to hold on to. sending you much love and hugs hoping all of your memories and love that you shared with your mom will hwlp whenthe days are rough. Take care my friend


  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, Sherry. The piece you've written here, with its wonderful pictures, is a lovely testament to her, and your family. Each object does contain memories.

  4. Hi Sherry!

    I think it's wonderful that you have so many beautiful memories and things from your mom. It's rough not to have them but it will get easier.

    The 70's don't seem that long ago. 40 years... yep, we are antiques :) Enjoyed your post. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Have a nice week!

  5. My mother passed away 16 years ago at the age of 59. I was pregnant with my first born, a son. I don't think we ever get over losing a mom, but it does get better. So glad that you have some special items that seem to give you a feeling of connection with her. Super nice glassware! I have a lot of my mother's things and actually talked about it on my blog not too long ago.

    Thanks for sharing. Lesley

  6. Sherry you have some beautiful pieces from your mom and I think that it is wonderful all the history of your family that you hold and showed to us. I can only image how hard it is to go through and I hope that each piece that you find helps bring your mom closer and heals you bit by bit.

  7. It's okay to be sad and to share it with us. You've lost your mother and are dealing with that loss every day.

    Your photos are lovely. What amazing treasures. I love seeing and learning about my family history. I'm sure you've learned so much more just by looking through everything.


  8. So sorry about your mom. Thank you for sharing these wonderful treasures and memories. How fortunate you are to have them.

  9. That's so special! Such beautiful red antiques...and a family history to wade! What an adventure...although it's too bad that you were forced into taking this adventure. Time will help...but in the mean time, you are still being thought of. :)

  10. What amazing finds. So many things get lost as families move such a lot these days. I'm glad you're finding some treasures.

  11. Such wonderful items to go with wonderful memories. The album is truly a treasure!

  12. Sorry for your grief. I pray the good memories will help in some way ease your sorrow.
    Christ has risen

  13. I commend you for approaching a very sad time in your life in a most positive manner! Your photos of your mom's treasures and your remembrances are just lovely and not gloomy at all! Loving vintage and antique photographs, I so enjoyed seeing your pictures and hearing your stories about them. As a result, I am a new follower of yours.....and by the way, I am a Texan !

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  15. How wonderful to have such heirlooms! I love hand me downs and treasures from family~ your post is so special~ thanks for sharing at FNF! :)


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