Showing the Love for Fifi O'Neill

Okay I preordered my Romantic Prairie Style book back when it was first available. I anxiously awaited it and I was like a kid in a candy store when my book arrived in the mail.  I read this book cover to cover but still am not able to sit it down

 I mean you gotta love a book that calls your name and wants you to read it with your coffee in the morning. Makes you want to take it to gymnastics so you can read it while daughter is practicing........Your husband is being shown each and every picture and politely say's how cool even though you are interupting his nightly gunsmoke want to move to another house so you can incorporate this style even further and he even lets you go look at a few, with barns and room for a garden.....something a little more prairie..........
(disclaimer, daughter has been begging for a horse for sometime now and we are looking for a place closer to his work so he will not have 1.5 commute and the area is full of texas prairie's and Bluebonnets were georgeous........I took book with me yes I did!)

And the cover is so Cool it is a picture of Maria's home and I love her dreamywhites blog so........when a book is just so beautiful that the book in and of itself compliments your want to photograph it everywhere. 

You want it in your sewing studio.................

Can I rose garden and read at the same time???

Yes it loves to hang out with me in the sunroom with morning coffee inspiring me as I look outdoors

This book loves my industrial and shows me how to incorporate romance and rust for a beautiful
comfortable abode

Ah  This book loves my living room as she does have a fancy romantic side.

And this book can hang with leather and family heritage antiques and chippy wire.....she is versatille
and she shows you how to put it all together, my hubby is so happy with the style that I am going for mixing he and she, leather and lace, vintage rouche and rust

Okay I have shown my love now show yours Fifi is having a GIVEAWAY on her blog go check it out!  If you do not have a copy of this book then need one!  My favorite thing about this book is that it is not just the wonderful writing or the beautiful photo's it get's in touch with the spirit of the prairie the family's, the lifestyles, not just the design. 

Happy Friday Ya'll


  1. Sherry I know what you mean. I pre-ordered too. Then everyone was getting it thru blogs and I still patiently waited for Amazon. I love it too. My favorite book so far! Love your new styling. judy

  2. HA I love it!!!!
    Great job.....that book looks fabulous everywhere!!!
    I'm still trying to win one......I need to just break down and buy it!

  3. Good for you, you did Fifi proud! :-)


  4. Lovely photos and the book looks fab in every place! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. I love the photo's and the way you presented the book.


  6. I have no doubt that book is fantastic! Looks like it has become your shadow. :) We have awful bookstores here so don't even know that I could find it. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  7. book is available on Amazon! I have a link to it on my sidebar for anyone that wants to know how to purchase.

  8. Fabulous book, for sure! Love your decor, it is wonderful & warm.
    Happy PS April ~
    TTFN ~

    FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  9. Love your photos, now I'm going to have to get a look at that book! Happy PS!

  10. Great photos...really love the wire basket.

  11. Love the way you are showing off your new treasure! I just love Fifi's book...I'm on my third look through myself!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comments... ever in Mckinney give me a holla! Hugs!

  13. looks fabulous and I love how you photographed it around your lovely home :O)

  14. This is funny, it reminds me of Flat Stanly, did your kids do that, in 2nd grade, take pictures of him on his adventures? The book sure has been to some beautiful places. I haven't gotten the book but I've read so much about it, I think you're right I need it!

  15. Yes, it is wonderful! I love mine too, and did read mine cover to cover too.

    What is Maria's blog address????
    Want to go visit.

    barbara jean


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