This weeks vintage finds.........and a dilemna

I will start by saying that My hubby, daughter and I went on an awesome pickers Saturday morning.  We call it our "Hicks Picks".  We never had to leave our own little city for all these finds.  We started  with coffe and donuts and ended with.............

a antique sideboard that I originally bought to custom pain and put in booth....but I looked it up and this is
an 1890's English Barley Twist solid oak with mercury mirror, several on the net were 1200-2400.....
hmmm.  Will this fit somewhere in the  house as my antique booth is not in that market.  I have a hard time painting something with that much history and it resides in my entryway till I decide what to do
I bought this for two digits,

It may be the perfect place for my Great Granny's vaseline vase, My family heirloom victorian photo album with ww1 pictures of my great grampa and my husbands bottles he found on a dig in Fort Worth

Here are smalls that I found this weekend that need to be processed.

How about this drop leaf gate leg solid mahogany table? I put varnish remover and sanded so far

or this table that I painted Grey and put a marble cutting board on the bottom, needs another coat of stain on top and varnish. Then there's the old headboard footbord, and mirror

or this duncan phyphe piece with caned antique chairs, or the orange crush velvet solid wood chair
sidetables, end name it I picked it

or this Basset dresser that is being painted Grenadine for my son, will distress, antique glaze in black. Oil rub bronze the federal style handpulls.  My sons Girlfriend and I wiped this out so far in about 2 hours 2 coats
primer, 2 coats grenadine

just a few more finds, magazine rack. Set of 6 antique chairs to upholster, end tables.........

So what do you think about the sideboard, to paint or not to paint?  I sometimes feel the responsibility to preserve some of the history of pieces, even though this would look lovely painted the actual worth and history would do better to be left alone, That is my dilemna what would you do????

Thanks for reading and helping with my decision.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I say, don't paint. That kind of oak is so beautiful that you should leave it as is. It sure is lovely - great find!


  2. What great finds! I'd leave it if the finish is good. :)

  3. Great finds! Yay! I won a Annie Slaon Cahlk Piant Class...will be posting tips and tricks this I will post my projects I did in class!

  4. I love your picks Sherry! My mom has some duncan phyphe tables as well and they are so beautiful! I am not sure about the painting, I go back and forth. It is beautiful how it is so maybe just leave it for now and see. :)

  5. Hi Sherry,

    If it were mine I'd need to decide if I wanted to sell it to make a very nice return on my investment...if I didn't think I'd ever sell it then I'd still think a while before painting it. I guess I always lean towards the unexpected in life since so much of that has happened during this recession. I may well auction it off at some point for a good amount of money {even though you don't think you need it now it may be a blessing later on in life}. I'd make sure it went to a well known auction house though that would draw the high bidders.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear. {teehee} It's a beautiful piece and God knows how I love to paint old furniture white so I know that would tug at me all the while.

    Pink Sparkles for your week,
    Stephanie ♥

  6. My thoughts - don't paint because it reminds me of one we had when I was a child and living in London. We also had a drop leaf table. Great finds, I need to go shopping with you.


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