A couple of sisters Pickin and SMITTEN

My My I still cannot get over how excited and happy I have been since I went with my sister to Old Downtown Mckinney to "Smitten" to pick up my chalk paint.......Life has not been the same since.  I no longer have tons of unfinished pieces now I have quite a few "finished pieces"!

Mckinney, Texas is a charming town full of Antique stores, decor stores, Restaraunts.  Plenty for My lil Sis and Me to do.  My partner lil miss Abbigail of course went along, this was a big anticipated moment for our business!  Pardon the pics as they were taken by phone........I need,want and must have a camera......

My heart started fluttering walking up to the store the much antipated moment I had been waiting for every since reading about AS ChalkPaint on Miss Mustardseed (thanks so much for sharing!)

The shop is really neat in and of itself but I belined straight to the AS Chalk Paint display!

Oh my how is a girl to chose???????? Lady Butterbug is the person whom is the distributor
for this Mckinney Texas store, she also has a website and sells online to ship flat rate!  I just like Mckinney
though I think I will drive next week to get more!

My Lil Miss Abby sharing the moment with me, we left with our favorite picks, wax, brush and a book!
We stopped and ate the best Italian food I have had in awhile, at Sauce. My Sister Wendy and I (Uh these pickin sisters don't do make up hair and nails in 107 degree's!! lol)
My 7 year old Abby took the picture

I painted this turn of the century repurposed piece with Aubusson
right on old weather wood I loved the finish! I really had a hard time taking this one to the booth
I even called hubby and said I don't know where to put it but I love it at least I can go visit for a bit. Not, this sold within two hours of drop off.....Thanks to my awesome customer if you are reading! I hope you love it as much as I did!

I like Aubusson so Well that I painted this piece that had been painted 2 times previously
(by me........)  I love how all the layers show through
Can you tell this is Also a little Miss Mustardseed Inspired? I used the Graphite on the chalkboard as I was too lazy to get out my regular chalkboard paint, I did use three coats to cover this mirror. 

I have painted so many things this with the 8 colors I selected, each was used  at least 2 times so far and I am out  of old white and graphite.........next week I will be posting them throughout next week as well as going and getting some more paint!.  Now I also want to try Milk paint!

Have a wonderful Friday all


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  1. Very cool! I just recently discovered Chalk Paint too! I need to get to taking some pictures of my projects and blogging about them, right? I ALSO need to come up to McKinney. I've been reading a couple of Texas blogs that tout how wonderful a place it is. Maybe when it's a bit cooler...perhaps in January. Fall around here will probably be hot too! Happy Summer Ya'll!

  2. I've never tried the chalk paint. I see bloggers posting about it and I suppose it's that they come in colors that make it so special. I really like what you've done.

    I've asked a few questions for Etsy shop owners on my most recent post. I'd love to have your feedback as well.

    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  3. Love your little pieces painted with the chalk paint. I'm getting ready to do a post on a wonderful shop nearby that sells the AS chalk paint. I bought my first can today and will be trying it out soon.


  4. Glad you came to my town... I think you were dining at Sauce not Slice... either way we are glad you came -- pop over and see me local in the district..

  5. It all looks wonderful!! I love McKinney and took my class from Lady Butterbug ~ I almost went to Picker's Point today ~ It is a great place!!

  6. It looks awesome! I see the Miss Mustard Seed influence! Amazing transformations! Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.. I live in the historic district 3 blocks from downtown, no shop, no business just a gal loving anything vintage... if you are ever over this way again holla at me and i will introduce you to some fabulous thrift stores... (and I do mean fabulous!!) --

  8. I love it!!!! I haven't tried the chalk paint yet but am definitely going to look if they sell it around me!!!!!! Sara

  9. Oh, love your pieces and i just HAVE to get some of this paint! I'd love to get to McKinney, thanks so much for linking up to VIF, xo Debra

  10. I just purchased my first can of ASCP...drove an hour to get it but oh so worth it...I hope!! I got old white to start with and a can of clear wax. I want to get a can of graphite also when I also heard you can do chalk board with it. My question to you is...I have a powder room in my kitchen and I want to turn the outside of the door into a chalk board for the grands since we all spend so much time in the kitchen. Would you recommend using the graphite or getting regular chalkboard paint. The door is stained and then varnished and I know from trying to paint another door in the house what a pain it is to try to cover the varnish...UGH! The previous owners loved them some varnish!! Thanks for any help you can give me!

  11. Sue I sent you an email and hope that my insight helps a little. I would love to see a picture when you are done! Have fun with your paint I need to go get more.......but I have painted 20+ pieces of furniture many smalls and practiced with paris grey on my ceiling.......


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