French Shutters in my living room

When I went to get my chalkpaint one of the things I had in mind was painting a set of shutters I had to flank either side of my window wall, There is alot of wood in my room I needed a pop, at first I thought white to lighten as was an idea given to me from Denis at Ruby Grace.  But after looking at alot of shutters on pinterest I started playing with the idea of duck egg or aubusson.........

After getting my paints and seeing the colors my decision was "Provence", after all it is named for the color found in shutters in France.....

Before I post the pictures I must say that I have a new promise to myself....get a camera, get a camera, get a camera!!  I dropped my little point and shoot on the floor almost two years ago, to replace  I was holding out for a SLR but may have to get just any ole girl with a flash...iphone is no longer cutting it.  I also need to paint this ceiling and have it finished before I show any more pics of this dark room...........

Here are my shutters and this comes with a promise that the next pictures of this room will be with a new camera, painted ceilings and a completed reveal To include some painted furniture, ceilings, slipcovers for ottomans etc.

Shooting with an iphone and open windows leaves an orange look to all........

I have three more sets of shutters to paint and put in my booth, if anyone is in the area and wants a set custom colored..............drop me an email!  I am considering doing a paris grey, another provence, and a white or duck egg.

Yes I will be on the hunt for a camera, and focusing on the completion of this room!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday

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  1. I like the shutters and those paint colors sound divine!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  2. The living room look so beautiful and the shutters add more to it's it.

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  3. Wow this is a pretty long shutter and these french shutters looks so simple and beautiful.
    Rolling Shutters


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