Old Shutters and a little yellow love

I spent the day painting 4 pairs of vintage bifold shutters today.  They are old and vintage but had never been painted, someone probably bought them to build with and they were never used but had the weathered feel that old wood gets.  I wanted to use the colors you would find on the centuries old brick homes of Provence.  I ran out of my aubusson.....and that would have been first pick.  So we have AS Chalk Paint colors Paris Grey, Provence, Scandanavian Pink and Duck Egg. (the Scandanavian pink photographs a little red, in real life it is a beautiful deep dusty pink I see no red)

I am Taking these to the "Shanty Chateau" tomorrow......I really wish I could
just put all of them around the house, I love the splashes of colorI hope they find a home
or possibly be a cool store display

I put them up against my yellow hall (I have the same yellow in my Pantry.  I was laughing after I took the picture because I had a phone conversation with a new friend that I have made at Pickers Point the antique mall my Shanty Chateau resides in, she has a booth as well and she was discussing with me how much she hated yellow..........I told her I have yellow walls in my hall and pantry but I did not share with her just how deep my love for yellow went.

My first blog banner had yellow roses,  I drool over old Yellow Chevy's  and think that one would be cool to go pickin in.  My eyes are hazel and as a little girl my  mom told me Yellow was my color. 

I have several projects in my paint room that are yellow as I have sold quite a few distressed handpainted  pieces last week that were yellow with a little european flair and had two request wanting to see more


Last week I died a few yards of linen and antique lace yellow to create with I love yellow against grey.. And My Great Granny's vaseline Vase is yellow been in the family for 5 generations now..........below is beginnings of a magnetic chalkboard that I am working on making in a few colors and putting in the Chateau

Think Anthropology....Think Yellow against grey in the clothing they offer, think yellow against khaki or olive, Think that big yellow leather couch in the middle of the store that I drool over everytime and sit down for just a minute and pretend it is mine and that I found it at a flea market for 50.00 ok I am awake I promise!

Anyway, my new friend you know who you are and I just had to let out the yellow love  LOL!  Ain't it great that we are all so different that is what makes us unique and fun!  And I was just having fun with this post as one persons dislikes may be alot of other peoples loves! 

I now feel better that I got to show my Yellow love!

Have a wonderful day and think YELLOW

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  1. Oh goodness....I LOVE the shutters! I've decorated several ways with shutters....and I like the colors you used. The Old Truck is perfect! Too bad you were dreaming when you gave us the price of the sofa...I would have bought one too at THAT price! :)

  2. Your shutters are gorgeous!
    Im in the midst of ordering some AS chalk paint..Im just waiting on a wax brush that is back-ordered. Thanks for sharing these colours..it gives a better idea of what those colours actually look like! :)
    That truck is so nice!
    Once I painted my bedroom a light yellow and it was the cheeriest of rooms and so soft and full of sunshine :)
    Have a great week!!

    Deborah xo

  3. Do you remember what shade of yellow you used? I'm going to do my kitchen yellow and a Tuscan theme. My bedroom has yellow wallpaper with blue flowers on it. It makes me happy when I wake up in the morning.
    Love the shutters.

  4. Lowes Valspar Gold Slice! I have kept a color chart of all my house colors just in case and yes yellow really makes me happy. We painted over 4 years ago and it is just as pretty as fresh as day 1 gotta love valspar for coverage! Yellow is nice and bright for the laundry too, really looks like you have a light on in that room even when it is off, makes you want to sing and fold!. Thanks Ann for the shutter love!

  5. Love the colours on the shutters. I also love yellow and grey and I have just finished using AS Cream (which is quite yellow once clear waxed) with a Paris Grey wash in the detail. Will post picture on my blog tomorrow.

  6. Love yellow and grey together too!
    When I fluffed my booth the other day I put together a display of pale yellows atop my grey music cabniet ~ and of course I forgot my camera!

  7. Love me some yellow too!!! Also lovin' those Annie Sloan shutters:)


  8. I too love those shutters. I had similar thoughts about some old bifolds we had sitting around but honestly did not have the patience to deal with all those louvres. Nice work and great color choices.

  9. Thank you for your kind comments. Yellow and grey little cabinet now on my blog (a little late due to an impromptu afternoon out pretending to be on holiday). I have linked to a couple of your posts hope that is ok. Love the cheeky globes by the way.

  10. The shutters look lovely and would be a nice pop of colour in any room. I also like yellow and grey together, or yellow and blue, but for some reason I don't use a lot of yellow in our home.

  11. I'm a little late getting around to some of the party links from Friday, but so glad I found your blog!! I love the colors on the shutters. I am trying to open up a little booth at a local antique mall and think they would be perfect for a backdrop.

    I adore the truck! I love Chevy's and that is the prettiest color. Is it yours? As for the color yellow, see my blog post here:

    You can tell that I am a yellow fan also. My favorite combo right now is yellow and red.

    I really didn't


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