Still Moving in to Lonestar Antique Mall!

We got some furniture in my Booth at  Lonestar Antique Mall yesterday.  We still need to get another load of furniture and then I can take all my smalls, pictures, mirrors it will take a few more days to be completely moved in.  The people at Lonestar, customers and other vendors have been very welcoming, positive and well just fun to be around!!

Here are a few pictures of layer 2 before the decor and smalls

One of my favorite dressers I have ever worked on

Old Batwinged mirrored vanity on wood casters and the bench that I have sitting with it also lifts up
for a hamper, how cool is that?

couple of shabby nightstands!

Grey chiffarobe, our tools and look at my vintage stepladder I found at a barnsale, this I keep I love it!

victorian chair, 1930's bookcase, coathanger with vintage knobs

My Paris Grey, granite topped hall tree, in the corner are some architectural pieces and a pair grey stacked barn shelves that I will put smalls in,  This is not the final setup we are bringing a bed, table and china hutch and then I will know how the furniture needs to be placed, smalls will come in after that and I will then hand all pictures, mirrors, curtains and bring some handmade masquerade aprons and mannequins!

Layer by Layer we will get there

Have a wonderful week I will show the completed setup sometime over the next couple of days.



  1. I love the look of your new booth!

  2. Sherry I went by yesterday before you had the furniture in and pretty much fell in love with your door walls and your shelf!
    Oh my gosh your booth is going to be awesome!

  3. Wow, you certainly have been busy! And I know what you mean about "layers". It's surprising how many layers of things you can fit into an antique mall space. Good luck with the rest of your move!

  4. Oh how I would love that dresser! So gorgeous!!!!

  5. Looking have lots of wonderful pieces and I'm sure it will all come together and look outstanding!!!


  6. It's looking great! My mom and I have a booth in the mall too but we are actually moving out at the end of the month. Next time we work we will check out your booth - love the dresser as shelves!

  7. Oh, how darling! Looks wonderful. Congrats! Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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