French Blue doors and shutters

I recently had a new FB friend ask me a question about blue trim colors for a white house.  I shared with her the color I had used on my lead glass door for an antique booth that I had at Uniques Gallery in Roanoke, TX  a beautiful deep blue from glidden called cosair

Then I went on pinterest and searched for French Blue doors and I included in my search French Blue shutters and storefronts

It appears the French sure do love the blue's seen in countrysides, storefronts, villa's

And my favorite designer......Rachell Ashwell is not shy in showing and using her love of blue and white!

 Here is a pic of Rachel in Front of the Lilliput Lodge at the Prairie, I posted a question on FB as to what color was used for her front and side door,  she was gracious to answer that is is a Farrow and Ball color but she did not have a swatch handy to name it.  She is so kind to take the time to respond to lil ole  me!!!  More pics of her blues and the liliput can be found at the Prairie website, it truly is a beautiful color of blue!

I love white.....clear crisp clean white with a shot of blue! I am inspired to use this decor in my antique booths as well as my home!!  (I am completely redecorating alot of rooms....that is a whole nother coupla of posts.....)

I have been drooling over this photo lately....... gotta love neutrals with a shot of blue

 Atlanta Bartlett  also a favorite designer of mine has in this photo shown me her perfection of the use of white with a "shot of blue" I smile every single time I view this photo.........the fact that it has the kind of stove you would build a house around does not hurt the eyes either......

I am putting in another Antique booth next to my existing booth at Lonestar, and was going to go all white again......but after looking at my previous booth in photo's one and two with the blue door, and researching all the french door photo's and since I already have one all white,  I promptly doors............guess

A deep French blue, so when complete I will post photo's of booth with deep dark french blue french doors, I will show how a door booth is constructed, I will show my all white booth and chippy doors etc.

If you read this entire post then you deserve a blue lovers medal!!!!

Andrea I hope this helps with your Trim decision on your all white house!!  Please let us know how it turns out!!  

Have a wonderful day Ya'll!!



  1. You are amazing, my new facebook friend! That was so enlightening..and now I know for sure my house will be painted a crisp white..with a "shot of blue" that! You're a real doll for helping me out..Joe will not be able to resist the blue when he sees your beautiful images! May I add that I think your blog is the very best! And how about Rachel Ashwell getting back to that she's so accessible..just like you!
    Your new friend,
    Andrea from the Space Coast of Florida!

    1. you are so sweet! Glad to help besides it gave me an excuse to do another blue post..........I love my french blues!!

  2. It seems like blue is the bloggers choice of color today. I have been reading about blues all morning:) I'm with you, I think white does look pretty with a touch of blue. Although I don't use a lot of blue in my barn I do use different shades of turquise, teal....It certainly makes a pretty statement. Love all of your pretty photos today:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

    1. wish I could read all the blue post.....Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely pictures. Blue is such a clean and restful color.

  4. I love what you did with all those vintage doors. I think your creativity went well in different parts of the house. I love it! Now, I have a feeling that there are antique doors out there that would have a beautiful subsistence if you get to heed them. Congratulations on your business, and I hope you get to expand your creativity more. Good luck!

    Carlene Legrande

  5. Wow! Those doors and windows look amazing! Blue plays very well on these designs and creations. It makes the doors and windows stand out, but it also gives off that fresh and calming look at the same time. I’m pretty sure many would be interested to paint their doors and windows with blue paint, after they‘ve read your post.

  6. There’s really something about the color blue, which makes it an ideal color for front doors. Perhaps it is also due to the belief in Feng Shui that blue drives away bad spirits. Anyway, blue has been reported to have a calming effect, particularly on the eyes. Also, it can fit any kind of environment, and it never fails to create a lasting impression.

    -Danielle Bailey

  7. Wow! I love the vintage look of all these windows and interior designs. It also translated well in the photos. =) The blue windows were also highlighted well. I think each of these can make for a picturesque view if adopted to one’s home.


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