The French Quarter and me

In the very near future I will get the opportunity thanks to my awesome sister who is watching our daughter and my awesome sweet adorable romantic hubby.....  we will be staying at the Melrose Mansion in the French Quarter!

I look forward to Jazz, Creole cooking, Historic Haunted Graveyards, Horse Carriages, French Architecture and Antique shopping, evenings by a lit pool and just being refreshed and inspired!

 Melrose Mansion here I come!!

Below are pics that inspire me on my new commitment to revisit my ballet barre/pilates workouts and work towards a romantic healthy fit lifestyle in all areas Mind Body and Esthetics. Pics were found on Pinterest

I  will be putting my hair in a bun and donning a leotard when working out!!  gotta get in the mode!

Below are pics I took of my "French Chic Ballerina  workout dressing room".....
(No I am not a ballerina, I am a 47 year old whom loves graceful romantic things and am inspired by the moves and strength of a ballerina, workouts of choice are Barre/pilates/yoga style with added cardio)   I believe that being graceful has no age limit that a woman with a nice balance in body and posture, strength and eating habits can be beautiful and healthy at any age in any point in life. ( I stalk a lady whom shops the same time I do most weeks at the grocery she has hair in a ballerina bun or french braid sometimes in braids down the length of her back  has awesome posture and stays mostly in produce section, her and hubby walk hand in hand making selections together, there is always a bundle  of flowers in the cart.  My guess is this couple is somewhere in late 70's, I am just so inspired by them such grace and beauty this woman exhibits and the love they show for eachother.....hope they don't catch me stalking) I am just this week recommitting(did these for sometime and got into other things and am now unbalanced....) I need a beautiful atmosphere to keep me motivated!

 Love how there are several mirrors in this room and you can see all different angles when working out also helps to check your form.....
 These are my workout toys.....balance ball, weights, ballet barre, chair, I have home video's and you can see the foldup treadmill in the right corner of picture  I am still working on this room I have a fireplace mantle that will probably end up being pink with some gold on it and I am sure after the french quarter i will see some inspirations!
 I love blue and gold and Texas and BLuebonnets, my favorite coffee cup and the ballet beautiful book is an awesome read!  Has workout moves, eating and very refreshing mindset talk!
 Yesterday I painted many many things for booth this mantle will be in and a fullbody white mirror and  several romantic french chic dressers before I leave!  I wanted to see what the pink looked like before I try on my mantle when I bring it home!
Loving the Barre3 workout among others this is a minimum equiptment necessary very nice abwork wonderful instruction type barre workout I am enjoying has pilates/yoga/barre moves!  I feel awesome after doing this! Helps you mind posture and pull in throughout the day!

Have a wonderful blessed week and I hope all that are reading and at computers find a dicipline that they love that helps keep them balanced!!



  1. I love what you have created for yourself...really beautiful space!! I love Ballet so much, no i am not a dancer either, but i always wished i were... its beautiful and romantic... Have fun with your workouts.... I wish i had another space in my home for a room this............. Love Tausha

    1. Tausha what about a corner of that craft room where you create?

  2. This is looking good--love the pink. Can't wait to see that done. What a lovely place you are going--lucky you! Enjoy!

  3. Found you over at Fishtail Cottage. So glad I did. But you are a very dangerous person....I could spend waaaaaaaaay too much time looking at all of your beautiful pics. Loved your pillows that you made her.

  4. Ok....keep it up, Sherry. You continue to inspire me and move me closer to getting my act together. I want to discover the grace, inner beauty, and strength that that older woman in your store has. Even SHE knows that we women all need fresh flowers every week in our homes. :) Between your words, your beautiful workout room, and the pictures of ballerinas that appear in my mind when I'm here at your blog.....I'm so very inspired!!! Thank you, girlie!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  5. Oh! And have a fabulous time in the French Quarter! That B&B you're staying in is sweeeeeet!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Wow! What a luxury romantic getaway. Love the shabby chiccy pink chair! My favs


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