I just wanted to share some of my pics this week, My oldest Son Cole painted my laundry room pantry...goodbye yellow slice....Hello French Canvas (Ben Moore color mixed in flat non glare kensington clark paint washable covers in one coat.....been using it on some furniture lately ya'll...24. per gallon) Yep it is awesome paint....

 Loving the French Canvas  it is so much lighter in this room and now the canned goods can be the focal point hope to do alot more canning next year!

 The yellow  slice is on left enjoyed it for five years...over it now
 Loving the natural light and pulled the blinds down will seew some neutral cafe curtains that allow me to still see view
My Dear friend Barbara made the hook piece it is a vintage headboard with doorknobs, she is very talented and I love it for all of our jackets backpacks etc.  this is staged it will never be this organized and clean again ya'll.....

 THis serves as a laundry/panntry

 I love how the white allows the view to be the focal point out the window not the color  of the walls

Kitchen into laundry now flows better.......most of house is getting "French Canvas"....

And Now for my rose pics..  God has given me wonderful blooming roses from early spring to sometime in November  I just picked the ones below this morning  love having fresh roses and daughter and I are really getting on a horse kick lately with her taking lessons went to half price books and got beautiful coffee table type books with photos for under five dollars each......

THis is a David Austin Rose

I am leaving rustic brick and alot of oak trim in house as I am loving the contrast it is giving I think it makes other things pop more than if I just painted all white...but I am going for a "Romantic Ranch" look that will incorporate some dark woods as well  leather and lace, he said she said......kinda look
I have several bushes of light pink and dark pink almost red double knockout roses that are literally maintenance free I just have to cut them back when they get so tall they cover the window....

I have Hybrid Tea roses in Red, yellow, pink and peach and am planting purple as soon as I can get some purple bushes they were sold out this spring when i wanted them.....

 Hope you enjoyed the pics  if you have soil I strongly suggest you plant a rose bush, I have little to no maintenance and months of enjoyment from these bushes!  Little water and rose food every three months.....

Have a Wonderful Weekend all I am taking two loads of furniture to my Booth at Lonestar today pics on my next post of my furniture makeovers and booth!



  1. I love the transformation! Did you do all the canning? If so in coming to your house so you can teach me!

    1. I did do the canning it is so easy!! You are more than welcome to come by canning season next year!! if you can boil water you can can

      hahah can can can you do the can can can you do the can can.......

  2. Love your laundry room and what a size. Mine is soo tiny.
    What a great place you live. The view is so fantastic.
    The roses and the rest is just beautiful.

    Have a nice weekend


    1. Thank you so much!! our house really isn't very big but the rooms are generous just no formals and three bedrooms so they put more attention in the laundry, kitchen and living are good size it is a 1979 ranch style house. Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  3. I get so much enjoyment out of my rose bushes too. They even do well in pots. I don't understand why everyone doesn't grow roses:)

    Your laundry room looks great. I don't have a laundryroom--it is out in the garage. It is always a huge mess. I hate laundry. I love that ruffled bag hanging--is that a laundry bag? So cute! Doing laundry for 5 people I could fill that bag several times a day:)

    Have a great day!

    1. Sandy it is a laundry bag I use it for clean clothes that need ironing I do laundry just about everyday one or two loads a day.....better than cleaning bathrooms.....but I hate sorting socks.....The bag is by India Rose you can find them online I got mine in Dallas love it and use it sometimes at flea markets!

  4. Your laundry room looks great! Love the headboard with the hooks. Your roses are just beautiful. I wish we could have them year round in the yard. But then, we may not appreciate them as much. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We would not appreciate them if we could just have them all the time I agree! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I use French Canvas too~its on the walls in my shop and in my home office too. Nice and light and a great neutral. You have a wonderful laundry room and the color is perfect.

  6. Hi Sherry!! just love your Laundry room!!!!

    1. Hi Valerie thanks for stopping by so glad you like my room makeover!!


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