This Week's Haul

  We had a wonderful first week at our new location it was so exciting to meet customers, other vendors, to sell alot of furniture and get good feedback!

We were told that our large Green and white China Hutch went to a sweet family that have Historical home in Grapevine, I was thrilled and hope they enjoy it in their family for many many years!

I was inspired by many things this week but here is a blue grey inspiration/ feel that I was working with this

and did this

I just had to haul these and get a picture in front of my knockout rose bushes before putting in the how the violet, grey, and old ochre mixed, these pieces were in perfect condition are maple wood and got completely new jewelry........I even paint the backs of most of our furniture as we display in a "floating environment" so that also give the customer the option to "float" in a setting at home

I wanted to show everyone a picture of my Husband Melvin who is my best friend, picker, furniture fixer and hauler  he finds the coolest things for me to work with it is like christmas over and over when he comes home with furniture.  If something needs a fixin' he is the one that does it he is very picky about if a drawer is wonky or if a piece of wood needs replaced to support the back of something, he feels that selling furniture that will last for generations is more important than my pumping out pieces and I love that even though he has a Major responsibility of a job in the Pipeline Welding industry and is the owner of a tool company that distributes tools for the pipeline industry that he still enjoys helping me with my business!  He is awesome,  I am a lucky girl!
 I do have an empty space on the back wall but not for long.............

As I am being very inspired by the purple, grey's and white's

 I am hoping to interpret the feel of the above

 to this, french provencial 7 drawer solid wood dresser, she is being married to a lighted solid wood  hutch  I like to talk to my furniture and often times give them names...... I am not being seen or medicated for this it will be alright!  she will be Nola as the inspiration picture reminds me of my time in New Orleans, I will show the after picture soon!
It really helps if you find something that inspires you to tape it in a close by area wether you are redoing a room, making clothing, pillows, or painting house or furniture

Hope everyone has a wonderful, creative, are inspiring or being inspired kind of a week!!



  1. Sherry,
    I have been following your posts on facebook and LOVE what you are doing!
    Do you frame the pics with the furniture or maybe use the pic as a tag for the furniture? I bet your customers would love to see your inspiration!
    Wish I lived in Texas!!

  2. Tina, thanks so much for stopping by!!!! You have a wonderful idea, I had thought about putting a mood board on shutters of my inspirations, this made me do this kind of thing but did not think of a little picture attached to tag....most of the pictures are not copyrighted but it is hard to know who to give the credit to as it does not state who took the photo on Pinterest. Love your ideas and feedback thanks so much!!

  3. I love the blue/gray. The furniture turned out wonderfully.

  4. Your Space looks Wonderful and it's so nice that your Life Partner Enjoys and Participates in what you are Passionate about, that makes for some Great Memories and Unity of Purpose! I Loved your 'Floating' suggestion since many times when a Lovely piece has been Transformed or Upcycled the backs are left 'As Is' and that can be problematic if they're not going to be Styled up against a Wall where it won't be seen... since matching the Process isn't always possible if you weren't the one who was Inspired and did the Transformation. I will definitely keep that Suggestion in mind whenever I Transform a piece now, so that it provides more Options for the Buyer in where the piece can be Displayed and Used? I'm so Happy for the Success you are Enjoying at your New Location.

    Blessings and a High Five from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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