Nola our New Orleans Inspired Dresser with Hutch and a trip antiquing

I found this inspiration on Pinterest.....

 And it made me do this.....

 the french dresser with  lit huch is perfect for display in a home or a store or beauty shop

 Her name is Nola after New Orleans Lousianna the time I spent there gave me a passion for
French facades  I use alot of white in my home but have pops of color here and there gotta  have some color!!

Nola is available in our booth we also took a trip to east Texas and brought a beautiful victorian shelf solid oak painted with a bevelled mirror circa 1890-1910

On my trip I found a new color by cece caldwell,  Traverse city cherry!!  I  was inspired by my leather bag with silver hardware to do this

 you never know where/what will inspire you just open up!
 We found the antique oak shelve on east texas trip and my hubby loved it after I painted it and asked for me to find a spot in our home love that he like it that much so I put it here and put my purple bottles, lavender and a few other things love how the purple and blue compliment each other!!

And then my daughter and I had a fun day trip to Mckinney Texas we loved going into Patina Green!

I had to get a couple of hearts to add to my collection from Patina Green
here they are in my kitchen

 And then we happened across these two chairs in the window of a new coffee shop called Snugs
I told my daughter Abbigail we have to go in there and sit in those chairs!!

 WE took a break from shopping and enjoyed the atmosphere this place was very cool!!
 We had a fun girls day!!

After all the painting, trip to east texas and then to Mckinney I am taking a few days.....

Washing the house!  I call this picture I took in my sunroom "Wash Day"!!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. Great photos--lots of fun stuff. Love the picture of you and your daughter!

  2. You find the best stuff. I love the color on the picture frame and you girls looking cute together. Can't believe how big your precious little girl is getting.

    1. Hi Ann! Abby is growing too fast!! hope to see you soon!

  3. Seems like you had a wonderful day with your sweet daughter.

    Have a great weekend


  4. Wonderful pics Sherry! What a fun day!

  5. Sherry I love the lilas color house !! It looks like from fairytale...
    Adore your big cupboard!
    xoxo Vlaďka


  6. Hi Sherry!!!All is beautiful and I LOOOOOVE last photo-its amazing!!!Have a nice day!

    1. Michaela, thanks so much for stopping by and for the wonderful compliments, always love hearing from you!! You have a wonderful day too!!

  7. Everything is just gorgeous! You have it all decorated beautifully!!

  8. I couldn't find your email address, so I thought I'd reply to your sweet comment on my post here, Sherry! :)

    It IS nice to stay clean while creating, Sherry! Lol And I love being able to do my work upstairs instead of in the dark basement. :) Maybe if I could add a room onto the house off my studio designed for painting, I’d get back into furniture. lol

    You are absolutely right about running out of salsa. lol We end up with about 6 jars left by next August. We do give many of the jars away as gifts and when friends come knocking at our door saying, “Do you have a quart of salsa to spare…?” lol We don’t mind at all. We love giving it away. :) And we use it so much in cooking too. Crock pot meals, burritos, tacos, chips/dip, and it makes a great soup base, too.

    It felt so good selling a lot of my big pieces. Many “smalls” left over, but we’ll be carting a lot of the leftovers (and all the stuff in my attic) over to a friend’s antique shop in an old barn sometime this month. He’s open all year long seven days/week, so I’ll have more exposure over there. And…my attic will be better organized, too! Lol

    Oh, and I must tell you that your booth looks fabulous! That purple buffet in the back of the photo is so beautiful! You are truly gifted in your painting techniques, girl! Love that your husband wanted a special place for that darling dresser, too! :)

    Have a blessed Sunday, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie


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